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Storybook Of "Garments Of Praize" Diva Dolls


"Garments of Praize" Keepsake Dolls

These unique and eco-friendly keepsake dolls are not only creative and make beautiful gifts, but a way to keep your most memorable moments close by. These “Go Green Dolls” are specially made by hand out of USA, and brings a generation and a world together.

all dolls are approximately 13 inch tall and weigh about 5 pounds

Garments of Praize aka “GOP” Dollmaking 

is a helping train our community to become an Entrepreneurial millionaire mindset through using our God given talents.  It’s vision is to provide a competitive edge to the under-served community through programs such as: extra-curricular activities for children- e.g. Doll making, Fashion Designing, exposure to the performing arts, parenting with Child classes, financial management classes, life skills and mentoring, as well as distribution of food and clothing for all in need.  It's mission is to empower families back to wholeness.  These services are solely funded by donations and grants.



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for fundraiser, churches and  women organizations

 G.O.P. Dollsmaking Classes

  • Songwriting
  • Story writing
  • Keepsake Boxes


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