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Asking Big in 2012

Posted on January 17, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Blogger:  Jerbethaqui "Beth" Strickland

Location:  Sitting at My Desk in Prayer and Meditation

I have just finished my prayer time and I am feeling real good about the upcoming year of 2012.  I have ask the Power on the inside of me to assist me with being an individual this year.  I know my tendency is to have a Tribal thought mentality.  Thats when you always need to run your thoughts and dreams by other people before you decide whats best for you. 

Well I am trusting the Power within me to guide me this year.  I will start and finish my first novel this year 2012.  I am going to Paris for Valentine's Day with my husband.  We will stay at  the Duquesne Effil Tower Hotel.  This is my winter dream vacation in Paris, France.

Visualization is good to bring the dream to fruition.  Therefore, I am sitting on my hotel balcony having breakfast, with my husband and new friends.  I am visiting the fashion houses, we are excited and the designers are too.  It's cold, but I am dressed for the occasion.  The people are so nice and friendly.  And, I love tasting all the delicious exotic and tantalizing foods.  This vacation have done me a lot of good for my creativity.

Now, this is the Dreamer in me coming alive.  So tell me about your dreams for 2012.  The Father did say to ASK. 

However, there is apart of me that still want to ask if it okay to dream.  Yes, its okay  to do anything your heart desire.  So what if nothing materialize you have wrote the dream and made it plain.  Remember, it not up to to you to bring the dream into fruition.

I feel I am ascending to a higher place in my thoughts where I can say truly as Isaiah 55:8

My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways, saith the Lord.  The heavens are higher than this earth, where I live within you and my ways are higher than your ways........

Now what that means it means I must learn to trust.  Well after learning it is my higher self speaking the words, now I know these words will not return void  Isa 55:11

Therefore, all fear has to go and I must learn that this Power only have LOVE for me to give me what my heart desire.

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