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What's Going On Let's use our Imagination

Posted on March 11, 2010 at 8:18 PM

Using our  Creative Imagination.

Creative Imagination is more than mere memory. It takes the elements of the past as reproduced by memory and rearranges them. It forms new combinations out of the material of the past. It forms new combinations of ideas, emotions and their accompanying pulses to muscular activity, the elements of mental “complexes.” It recombines these elements into new and original mental pictures, the creations of the inventive mind.


No particular profession or pursuit has a monopoly of creative imagination. It is not the exclusive property of the poet, the artist, the inventor, the philosopher. I tell you this because you have heard all your life of the poetic imagination, the artistic imagination, and so on, but it is rare indeed that you have heard mention of the business imagination.

We all want to be in buisness doing what we love to do.  That bring me to my point, how could Howard Stren be so unimaginative to say no body want to hire a creative person because of their size and color.  How long do we lay in the dirt with our eyes closed, while ignore people just say any old thing and we don't understand how unimaginative they are.

Well I have had my say so tell me what you think about  hearing such redilicous comment from our people that got the mic in front of them.

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Reply Phumeza Nozibele Mntonintshi
5:27 AM on June 7, 2010 
Hi Zillionaire thanks for your message on Albany Museum blog on traditional dolls ,i have visited your site as well it's quite interisting to see your passion for these artefacts as well.To me this is not just work but the love of what you are doing i.e your dream.keep it up ,just learnt something out of the contents you are using as inspirational and motivational.
Reply thrhtrurth
10:05 AM on September 8, 2010 
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